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Different insurances for your RV hire

Welcome to the insurance page for your RV hire. We agree with you, this is certainly not the most pleasant subject for your vacation, but it is essential to be well informed before your departure to know the covers and the implications. In order to allow you to prepare your stay, you have the possibility of subscribing to CAMPER COVER insurance with Detour or to take out insurance directly from the rental companies. Do not hesitate to contact our team who can give you objective information on the best travel insurance for your vacation.

General information about insurances

Insurance for your hire is not compulsory in Australia. If you have an accident with a third party, even without being at fault, the lessor has the legal right to deduct from your excess for repairs to the motorhome.

Visa/Master card insurance

You might have a insurance with your credit card. However, as a general rule, these insurances cover vehicles less than 8m3 (standard small car) or less than 3500kg. As motorhomes are much larger than 8m3 and sometimes heavier than 3.5T, you are not covered by your credit card insurance. Now it will all depend on your contract. It will therefore be important to contact your bank or review your contract to find out if you are covered or not.

RV insurances


- Hire companies insurance : All-inclusive

Our partners offer you the possibility of insuring your motorhome so that you can travel with peace of mind and, above all, be covered if you have an accident.
We think it's essential for a carefree vacation!
This insurance cost from AU$ 45 to AU$65 per rental day (depending on the rental companies). This insurance reduces your excess to $0.
Depending on the rental company, certain ancillary costs such as one-way costs, diesel tax, filling the gas cylinder, ... are covered with this insurance.
You will also benefit from several accessories such as for example GPS, picnic table and chairs, child seat, ...
Please ask your advisor for more information.

- Camper Cover

Detour Travel also offers you to cover your RV hire with CAMPER COVER

The coverage of the franchise is fully supported by CAMPER COVER and also provides coverage for several types of damage which are not covered by the rental companies' insurance (puncture, windshield, towing, etc.).

The main advantage of this cover is its PRICE which rises from 28AU $ / day to 33AU $ / day (it is more than 50% cheaper than the cover of the rental companies),
on the other hand, it is important to know that, unlike the hirer's coverage, you must PAY the excess (from $ 5,000 to $ 7,500) at pick up
The Excess amount is therefore fully covered with CAMPER COVER
It will be important to contact our team at for more details on the most beneficial insurance for you depending on the rental company you have chosen for your stay, your finances, ....

Either way, take full advantage of the beauties of Australia, but stay safe