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Rent your 4 wheel drive to visit Australia

A wide choice of 4 wheel drive to hire

If you want to discover hidden corners, think outside the box or simply discover the Australian outback, you have no other choice but to rent a 4 wheel drive camper.
These campers are perfect for the central, western and northern regions of the great continent.
We have a large selection of two to five peoples, with all the necessary equipment included.
All our partners are not listed on this page, if you have seen a camper you like, but which is not here, do not hesitate to let us know because we can also offer it to you here .

If you need little comfort but want the best price, we also offer budget campers here.

If you stay on the classic paths and want more comfort, then renting a fully equipped motorhome will be more suitable for your trip to Australia. Find our motorhomes here

When you rent a vehicle in Australia, it is important to note that the prices vary according to the duration of the trip, the different promotions of the partners, the season of your trip, ...
At DetourOZ, we offer you the best prices for the rental of your vehicle for your trip to Australia.

To get the best price of your 4 wheel drive rental, you will need to complete the quote request (free) and your advisor will get back to you within 48 hours to tell you the best deals and start preparing your trip to the Australian outback.
If you are not sure of the vehicle for your vacation, contact us and we will check for you the best offers and promotions from our partners according to your comfort needs and your budget.

Up to 2 adults

Find here the 4 Wheel Drive campers that can accommodate up to 2 people.

These 4 wheel drive camper will allow you to discover all the corners of the great continent independently,
We recommend them to couples who want to get away from it all on an adventure of a lifetime in the middle of the Australian desert.
1 2 3 4 5

Apollo Adventure Camper

  • check-mark-green-25px Easy to drive
  • check-mark-green-25px Spacious bedding
  • check-mark-green-25px Power steering
  • check-mark-green-25px Outdoor awning
  • checked red - 25px Manual transmission
  • checked red - 25px No baby seats
1 2 3 4 5 6

Apollo Trailfinder

  • check-mark-green-25px Easy to drive
  • check-mark-green-25px Double oil tank
  • check-mark-green-25px Large interior 
  • check-mark-green-25px Awning
  • checked red - 25px Up to 2 adults
  • checked red - 25px Outdoor kitchen
  • checked red - 25px No kids

Up to 5 persons

Find here the best 4 wheel drive campers that can accommodate up to 5 peoples. These 4 wheel drives campers will allow you to have a great independence during your discovery of the Australian continent,
We recommend these campers to families and groups of friends who want to get off the beaten track and experience the real Australia.
1 2 3 4

Britz Outback

  • check-mark-green-25px Easy to drive
  • check-mark-green-25px Comfortable vehicle
  • check-mark-green-25px Automatic speed
  • check-mark-green-25px Up to 2 child seats
  • check-mark-green-25px Interesting price
  • checked red - 25px Exterior tent
  • checked red - 25px Inflatable mattress for beds
  • checked red - 25px Portative kitchen
1 2 3 4 5

Britz Safari Landcruiser

  • check-mark-green-25px Up to 5 adults
  • check-mark-green-25px Large petrol tank
  • check-mark-green-25px Diesel heater
  • check-mark-green-25px Awning
  • check-mark-green-25px Diesel engine
  • checked red - 25px Outdoor tent
  • checked red - 25px No sink, no micro-wave
  • checked red - 25px Manual transmission

"The motorhome was perfect and so was the trip. Thank you again for your kindness"

Carol - Wellington